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am: Multimedia and art

1:15 -3:30 Cookery











Conversation German


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Science Activities


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Product Design Apprentice

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Saturday Laser Clubs

How can T&S help your child?

Whether Home Educated or in school, Time and Space can help your child in a variety of ways. We support the home education community with a number of small-group activities . This is generating a small and cooperative community of home educators which provides a social setting for learning. We also provide bespoke activities to schools and the LA for children experiencing difficulty in accessing learning.


Time and Space Learning is highly esteemed by schools and parents alike for the effect it has on children's motivation, achievement and confidence.  This can enhance personal, educational and family life which is why it works so well with children from diverse backgrounds.


FOTAS, (Friends Of Time And Space) have recently formed from a group of parents who are determined to promote T&S in these difficult times for education and funding - so you may be seeing this website as a result of contact with them.


"How does T&S help your child?"  

The following comments are from feedback from 15 of our parents and students during a development workshop in November 2018. The group comprised parents from both HE and school backgrounds.



Enthusiasm to attend, Attendance, Willingness to learn; Feeling safe; Engagement and readiness to learn; Independent working; Consistency; Concentration; Increase of attention span; Social emotional and mental health; Socialise where before isolation; Behaviour; Temperament; Not aggressive any more; Sociable;


"Compared to previous setting"

Freedom and responsibility for self learning; Independent learning; Confidence; Self confidence; Confidence with life skills; Self belief; Confidence levels; New skills; Willingness to try new skills; Opportunities not given in school; Creativity and curiosity to ask questions; Productivity, things made; Creativity, making something to give pride and achievement and increased confidence; Belonging and community.



Self esteem; Less anxiety; Self harm no longer happening; Happiness; Consistency; No longer medicated; Feeling safe; Pride in achievements; Self worth.


This is feedback from three of our HE students;

Love and happiness; Reassuring; Welcoming