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Evidence of Benefits

"How does T&S help your child?"  

The following comments are from feedback from 15 of our parents and students during a development workshop in November 2018. The group comprised parents from both HE and school backgrounds.



Enthusiasm to attend, Attendance, Willingness to learn; Feeling safe; Engagement and readiness to learn; Independent working; Consistency; Concentration; Increase of attention span; Social emotional and mental health; Socialise where before isolation; Behaviour; Temperament; Not aggressive any more; Sociable;


"Compared to previous setting"

Freedom and responsibility for self learning; Independent learning; Confidence; Self confidence; Confidence with life skills; Self belief; Confidence levels; New skills; Willingness to try new skills; Opportunities not given in school; Creativity and curiosity to ask questions; Productivity, things made; Creativity, making something to give pride and achievement and increased confidence; Belonging and community.



Self esteem; Less anxiety; Self harm no longer happening; Happiness; Consistency; No longer medicated; Feeling safe; Pride in achievements; Self worth.


This is feedback from three of our HE students;

Love and happiness; Reassuring; Welcoming