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Home Education

A unique resource to home educators

As home educators ourselves we seek to support families who home-educate with specialist facilities and expertise and networking. We serve families from Essex, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and, of course, Suffolk. We offer educational resources in return for a nominal fee for materials and time and where possible this is heavily subsidised by sponsorship. We can enhance home education provision through project based learning and focussed classes where students attend often with parents to enjoy a vibrant and encouraging time of learning together.



Many Electively educate because their children are particularly gifted in some particular way that schools are unable to support and develop. We celebrate many of the more positive qualities seen in SEN that National Curriculum does not. Some SEN are effectively negated in our provision.



Others however are increasingly forced into Home Education for a variety of reasons and may not have the resources or strategies to be confident in this situation. We regard these as educational refugees and the numbers seem to be increasing.


We can extend children's creativity, critical thinking skills and innovation through activities that facilitate depth of learning. A good example of this is our Aer0nauts programme.


Design Technology and Creativity is our thing.

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Art and Maths) is covered in much of what we do. Design is the practical and purposeful application of STEAM and is embeded with copious quantities of literacy and numeracy. Many learners prefer this practical approach to learning.


Divergent thinking

We need to actively encourage divergent thinking. This is not as socially dangerous as it sounds - far less dangerous than when people become biggoted. Divergent thinking is a skill, even a technique that deliberately 'throws a spanner in the works' and asks more questions. We love this stuff. Its hard to adequately explore (and resource) divergent thinking in mainstream education which is why we do lots of it. Thinkonauts is our flagship for this.



Come along and explore problem solving, team activities and challenges and interesting inventions.


Aer0nauts is our most ambitious team activity. The Aer0nauts curriculum is developing year on year to cover strategic aspects of aircraft design with our own unique learning resources.




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