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Since 2012 when we started we have developed a number of activities that have run as single sessions and undertaken as individuals. 2018 sees a trend towards a strategic curriculum of purposeful projects undertaken as a group and designed to facilitate greater diversity and depth of outcome.


This has been triggered by the recent success of the collaboration between Think0nauts and Aer0nauts in the BMFA payload challenges. These longer termed projects benefit from a 'design' approach with a start, middle and end so that an end product is created as a result of teamwork.


Saturday laser Club is very much a shop window into our material technologies. Each session aims to develop confidence in laser cutting techology but also have its own discrete 'take home' outcome.


Multimedia is a logical progression of our Art and Music days this year to begin to focus on discrete multimedia projects such as videos, animations, photographic studies and musical collections.


The groups such as Aer0nauts and Think0nauts are increasingly structured with a longer term outcome in mind and run in multiple weeks, or even terms to which commitment is expected.


Thursdays tend to be our busiest day with German and Ukelele classes followed by Thinkonauts /PDA in the afternoon. Loads of fun and a great community of regulars has developed.


New for 2018/19

Art with a theme -

starting with "Italian"!

2 sessions of 2 hrs


Beginners Ukelele

Self explanitory


Product Design Apprentice

A graduation from Think0nauts


Cookin with Jade

The engine room






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Project Groups

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