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Multimedia is a logical progression of our Art and Music days this year to begin to focus on discrete multimedia projects such as videos, animations, photographic studies and musical collections.


German Conversation

This is a fun group session in the conservatory where we speak in German!


Beginners Ukulele

This is a fun group session in the kitchen or conservatory - and guess what we do?


Product Design Apprentice

Now a set-piece series of Product Design lessons with room for creativity of course. Learning the principles of designing for people. Lots of making and including electronic components to make something do something purposeful.



Design technology /science based looking at structures but very hands on with challenges and activities requiring learners to think and innovate.



Now our own tried and tested 'Flight' curriculum leading through making gliders and radio controlled planes to the BMFA payload challenges in June.


Cookin with Jade

This is actually the engine room of T&S and always a bundle of fun.





8th nov 045 DSCF0001 Grabbed Frame 15 H 17 8TH OCT 001 DSCF0029 FITTING BODY DSCF0020 DSCF0017 DSCF0019 web4 10TH FEB 010 DSCF0006

Project Groups

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