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"Respect" Art Exhibition in Bury Cathedral

IMPORTANT!: We have now closed for new business during relocation and reorganisation. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes but it has been entirely unavoidable as our regulars will know.


During the next few weeks we shall be maintaining contact with those interested and we look forward to being able to offer our services once we are settled in our new venue in the midlands and from our new mobile provision on a huge bus! Oh yes!


We wish to thank all of our friends, learners, supporters and collaborating organisations who have shown so much vision, prayers, support and encouragement especially in helping out, funding, PR and management.


Meanwhile; we are piloting two 'Aer0Camps' -  parent and child summer camps based at Buckminster Lodge near Grantham - home to the BMFA facility. We are taking bookings now so roll up!

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Aer0nauts win THREE Payload Challenges!

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Jill leads a team of Artists in our second year's contribution to the work of Bury Cathedral. Filling our conservatory with wonderful light and airy forms made from willow and cotton sheet. They conspire to make a wonderful hanging above the Nave altar - a MUST SEE!

You'd be forgiven for thinking that all we make is aircraft. But this is 'Payload Challenge season' so please join us in congratulating our team who did so well in this years competition.


Our move will logically prompt a restructuring of this high achieving group but we have every confidence that they will come together next year and battle it out on the airfields of Leicestershire . . .