What is our Mission?

Our Mission:


Our mission is for all children to reach their potential through learning strategies that will last them a lifetime.


How we will achieve this:

Wellbeing first:

  • to create a safe place in which to be free to learn and free from barriers to learning

  • to help learners develop their character towards and connection with others and the world around them



  • to celebrate the learner, their abilities and talents without meritocracy

  • to move from 'fear to faith', from anxiety to courage and to demonstrate this



  • to operate democratically, to manage our society equitably, treat one another as we would be treated, respect

  • to know how we each learn best, our learning styles and the value of social diversity; our need for one another.


Life Long Learning

  • to develop strategies to resource our lives in collaboration with others

  • to modernise our educational methods to meet the needs of individuals in an ever changing society.

  • to always aim to life in peace and harmony

  • to be true to whom we were created to be and celebrate this in others