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One to One

Dates and times TBA - daytime, evenings . . . typically 1 hr per week.

  • ALL AGES over 7 including parents and beyond! - Ideal for parents to learn with the child

  • Also ideal for a variety of well-being related therapies.


We recognise that some learners prefer a concentrated 1:1 experience to support them through a project towards a target. Some might just want tech support as they explore things for themselves. Some focus better individually as one might learn a musical instrument and take their learning away to develop it on their own.


With over 20 years experience in education including state education management we are experienced at:

  • helping learners identify targets and goals, breaking goals down into manageable chunks

  • supporting students in doing their own work rather than doing it for them

  • providing specialist facilities and training unavailable elsewhere locally

  • supporting through formal qualifications such as GCSEs or through personal goals like enterprise.

  • Working with a variety of Special Educational Needs and abilities


We do this by

  • mentoring and supporting rather than directing

  • directing where requested

  • identifying achievable but challenging goals that build confidence

  • create progressive step by step way points to develop a sense of progress

  • develop generic strategies and skills such as the 'design process', communication and planning skills

  • developing self assessment rather than our being 'judge and jury'

  • developing resourcefulness not dependency


What you get:

  • learning support tailored to your learning style and goals within the specialisms that we offer. (We'll tell you if we lack expertise)

  • to develop generic skills and strategies to tackle projects more independently.

  • distance learning tutor support if you prefer to work that way. We use generic web meeting freeware (all meetings need to be recorded for training, CP and monitoring purposes)

  • limited postal service between tutorials of parts we laser cut for you - at cost.


Specific projects you might like to do

  • Build or make something like a construction kit. We can supply a range of these but it might be a gift from a relo or something too ambitious to start at home. It might be a construction project, or help exploring a subject like electronics or control.

  • Perhaps you need to make items with CAD CAM - jewellery, bits n bobs. You would learn the skills, use our software and email drawings for us to cut for a cutting fee which you pick up at your next tutorial.

  • challenging, develop an enterprise or a skill.

  • Enter a competition

  • Gain a CREST or Trinity Arts award.



  • Tutorial cost - £30/hr to fit around our learning community timetable

  • Tutorial with workshop facilities and basic materials provided -  £35/hr

  • Parents, we also recommend you sign up to our Creative Home Ed partner website for parental guidance on how to support your child's learning through a series of creative projects.


How to find out more

  • Email, phone, talk to us - visit and look around. We know you guys are out there - be brave!!