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Guiding Principles

We start by welcoming students into our home /community so that they are happy that we have no agenda other than they make use of this opportunity to learn at their own pace.

This begins with open ended activities and projects. The tools, materials and processes we use are highly accessible so that progress is enhanced to avoid the pitfalls and frustrations that usually occur with mistakes.

In music we use loopers and digital workstations and

In technical subjects we use CAD CAM

We provide bespoke projects with plenty of opportunity to take the route chosen by the learner


We believe in 'slow learning' and the need for time to spend contemplating learning


We trust the child. This is more radical than it might look at first. Where in school is the child endowed with trust for what happens during the day. This might seem scary and some children need a range of things to choose from but other genuinely benefit from an open agenda.



Once learning and well-being are  mutually achieved this is understood as 'ownership' or 'buy-in' that schools seek for every child. This is not a finished work - it is simply the spark before the fire.


For this reason our learners can then quite voluntarily attend schools, colleges and educational sources given some appropriate reintegration programme. But it must also be acceptable if they find they can learn better in ways other than at school.



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