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NEW Product Design Apprentice Thurs (1st & 3rd mostly) led by Mark Adams

Age 13+


Thursdays 1:30pm - 3:30 pm


Dates: Sept 20th, Oct 4th & 18th, Nov 1st, 15th & 29th


Cost £96 termly (6 sessions)


What is PDA?

Product Design Apprentice is a kind of Design Technology class for Home Eds. It is your opportunity to be creative and learn to chanel your creativity into making real things that do stuff. PDA will challenge your ways of thinking, especially if you are creative and it will provide you with a strategy to ask questions and achieve things efficiently and optimally. Find out what that word means(!)


In PDA you will learn to design and make a product for a real person and a purpose; for production in small numbers; to a standard quality. Hopefully, if you get the product right you will be able to sell your products from a local shop as an enterprise.



Each project will be based on a set theme which you develop and will most likely involve electronics, mechanics, sound or light. Each project may last a few sessions and you will learn some amazing manufacturing processes along the way. Products might include jewellery, ornaments, lights, various technical accessories and craft products.

Christmas is coming . . . .!


Your Commitment

  • You need to understand that product design is about OTHER PEOPLE! Sorry to shout but many kids struggle to think outside their own needs - and this is what PDA teaches us to understand: other prople's needs. Actually, we find that helping others is more fun than meeting our own needs - and this is important in employability as well as enterprise  

  • You may need to do a bit of homework from time to time such as research or think of ideas.

  • You will need to learn the basics of our CAD U CAN course - to be competent on the laser cutter  - this is how we make much of our stuff so it would help if you are familiar with basic use of computers.



If you wish to be enterprising and sell your products you may need to buy materials (that we can supply) and then use the funds from sales to buy more material. Everything you make will need to be safe and have any necessary warnings for those who buy an use them. This is all part of the training. There will be some things you cannot sell by law - so avoid these. Once you have sold a product to someone it gives you a real buzz that someone wants what you have made. This makes you better and better at working out what people want. There could be a career at the end of this . . .







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