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Most children thrive in school most of the time. However, some students need additional resources or a different learning environment. These students represent all levels of achievement, skill, sociability and potential but many struggle with academic pressure and a 'busy' environment. 'Time & Space' exists to provide an alternative learning environment with the ability to focus on individual learning style. We can tailor our provision to complements the student's ILP at school.


Our provision is proven to developing the student's self esteem, give confidence and develop a wide variety of skills. It can enhance enjoyment of school through a partial provision or even lead to re engagement in school for non attenders. Our provision also supports achieving strategic goals in other ways than school through liaison with local groups, business and industry for purposeful projects.


However, applicants must demonstrate a clear interest in what we do as our philosophy is not to force our provision on anyone. This would be entirely counter productive.


This approach is tried and tested in the home education community and in other international education settings -namely to develop intrinsic interests motivation through purposeful projects, without external pressures and targets. In this way we engender self confidence through the discovery and independent development of skills, interest and innate ability. The working environment is very positive and staff that visit us comment on this. Managers frequently report that students grow in confidence and character through what they do here.



Some students come to us for one or two days a week during a timetabled 'block' during which we can support and deepen their learning though liaison with the school. In this way we can help reinforce confidence and skills such as literacy, numeracy and ICT.


"there is so much you can do it blows your mind!" (student December 14)

Who is this for?

Students who:

  • prefer a holistic approach to learning

  • value a calm and relaxed learning environment

  • may be school phobic, have anxiety issues, are school or subject refusers.

  • might find it difficult to socialise or perhaps they suffer bullying

  • may be aspergers or on the autistic spectrum

  • may be experiencing specific difficulties because of a personal, peer related or domestic situation

  • may have low self esteem

  • may be at risk of exclusion from school


We currently liaise directly with school managers, SEN coordinators, inclusion officers, youth workers and parents.

In summary, we offer students

  • a variety of experiences and activities for a variety of needs and abilities from which to 'graze'

  • structured Trinity Arts awards, CREST awards and ABRSM music grades for longer term attendees

  • collaborative opportunities to enhance the school experience and achievement

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Time & Space -alternative education provision for school children

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