General terms and Conditions

By booking at Time & Space Learning you accept the following:


1. Time & Space Learning aim to provide a quality service that is affordable. However we are only human and subject to error and external forces so please bear with us if problems arise. If sessions do not run we will try to contact you as soon as we are notified or become aware ourselves.


2. We will happily refund your money if sessions do not run but we cannot be liable for your costs in this regard. We cannot refund sessions that you don't turn up for or where outcomes are not as anticipated such as work not being completed in time.


3. Our products are designed to be as safe as practicable and you take full responsibility for them when you take these away at the end of each session. We are happy to differentiate products for your learning needs so let us know beforehand if you have certain requirements that we can address such as motor skills/allergies to certain substances.


4.The cost of hardware /electronics etc will be built into each project booking fee but occasionally learners want to make multiple items or modify it in some way involving additional hardware.  In this case we would agree additional charges with you.


5. Our site complies with relevant HSE requirements.


6. We use photography to record and celebrate achievement. On first arrival you will be asked to complete a permissions register for us to use photographs of your work which you are very welcome to decline. Where we use images for publicity we do not use names and files are un-named. We keep basic data for admin purposes such as contact details which is stored securely in accordance with Data Protection with whom we are registered.


7. We are a learning community so everybody is a learner here! We insist on mutual respect and are intolerant of bullying/unkindness. We celebrate all achievements.


8. If you like what we do please tell others and perhaps consider becoming a 'friend' of Brockford Barn. If you don't like something or have helpful suggestions please tell us first!








9. We are professional teachers and operate under Child Protection procedures.


10. Parents are welcome to stay and join in. We request that parents who stay on site be vigilant and conduct themselves in such a way as to avoid misunderstandings in respect of child protection.


11. We are a learning community so everybody is a learner here! We insist on mutual respect and are intolerant of bullying/unkindness. Children may get excited and say/do things that upset. If this happens you give us permission to deal with incidents fairly and considerately which may require speaking to children individually about their behaviour/settling arguments and making peace. We celebrate all achievements and share all behaviour issues with parents. We do not issue punishments but reserve the right to decline further access to our provision.


12. We are inspired by Christianity; that values each of us as worthy of respect and opportunity. We keep our religious views to ourselves unless asked! We encourage all people to aspire to values of love, trust, responsibility, integrity, saying sorry when needed, forgiveness and grace. We support ‘the family’ young and old. Our mission is to move people toward confidence, personal functionality, healthy relationships and connection. Our work with schools draws from these values as a way of restoring children to full health and wellbeing.


Terms and Conditions for children's activities