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Think0nauts 2018/19 RECRUITING NOW!!

Think0nauts is the closest we get to a D&T lesson for 9-12 year olds.

Each topic covers a range of STEM concepts and learners engage in problem solving and teamwork. Occasionally we make things that students wish to take home with them; for which we may make a charge to cover our costs in addition to the basic session fee. Learners are provided with guidance and instructions where required but they are also expected to rack their brains occasionally to overcome difficulties and develop ideas independently. Our activities can be used for CREST awards and parents are welcome to organise this for themselves. We cannot guarantee a particular outcome, we respect our learners and they are welcome to enjoy the experience without making or completing work.


Typical example of a project:

We have moved into a new building that just happens to have a hot-tub in the garden. Someone suggests a boat project so we agree a challenge - to design and make a sailing boat that must be blown across the hot tub by the learner using a tube.

The boat must be made structurally of a paper based product but water proofed by other means. After sailing successfully across, each boat will be subject to the 'maelstrom' - basically switch all the pumps on for two minutes, after which it must sail as before across calm waters to the other side.


A vast array of boats got made including some made from bamboo (growing in the garden) as learners argued that a paper can be made from bamboo then it is a paper based product . . .(sneaky!!). Lots of STEM knowledge, lots of questions, creativity, thinking outside the box and lots of fun. Did we plan it? er . . sort of. Was it safe? Yes, except perhaps where one blew too hard and nearly fell in . .  - lesson learned there. Did everyone achieve something relevant to their age and ability. For sure. Did we all learn? Of course, and most learners took away their (soggy) boats. Boat(s)? Oh yes - we made two boats each in the time - one that failed and one that was better. Failure is our friend. That's how we learn.


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If you are new to T&S, to make sure this course is for you please email us to arrange a chat about your child's needs and how we might be able to meet them. We will then issue a password for the booking site.

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