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Bev Adams 

Partner and Business Director

Bev is a Home Educating mum and the inspiration behind T&S. She teaches German and has experience teaching in Germany and in UK colleges. Bev teaches Piano and spends hours exploring Indpendent Learning and SEN issues that affect children in education.

Who Are We?

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Mark Adams

Partner and Learning Facilitator

Mark has a degree and a number of years industrial experience in Product Design. This led Mark back into education - to inspire others to be creative and solve problems. Mark has taught for 16 years in three state schools and led a Design Technology department for five of these.

Jade Girling

Crafts Lead (part time)

Jade is Bev and Mark's daughter. She was home educated and has a Higher National Diploma in Classical Ballet and performing arts. She is qualified to instruct dance. Jade heads up our craft activities and increasingly assists with admin. Jade runs the cooking sessions.

Barney Harpur

Music Intern

Barney has worked with us for 18 months to develop the music performance and recording curriculum. Barney does most everything else too and provides technical support on CAD CAM

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Julie Church

Well-being Assistant (part time)

Julie's interests lie in a wealth of Well-being based therapies. Her work here is in supporting children with emotional needs for which she draws from her own experience as a foster parent of children with SEN.


Jill Jennings

Arts Facilitator (part time)

Jill has a wealth of teaching experience in primary sector and is an all round artist. She has directed a number of Art projects, she supports students in Multimedia and music and tutors the Ukukele Orchestra

  • encourage creative minds to generate, share and explore their ideas.

  • put theory into practice to make real things,

  • believe that failure should be a rewarding part of learning

  • deliver training in critical thinking, creative and executive skills

  • engeder courage and resilience

  • provide an environment  where children feel proud of what they do and where they celebrate one another

  • seek to collaborate with other educators and organisations to holistically meet learner's needs.

  • operate as a collaborating community, with a non exec governance team, a support group and positive relationships with local parents and school

  • have worked with over 200 young people in the past seven years and made a positive contribution to their lives, for some this has been not only life changing but potentially life saving.

  • believe we are unique in what we do and how we do it