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Who Is This for?

We provide

  • alternative provision for school children (Mondays - Wednesdays)

  • activities for Home Educators (Thursdays and Fridays)

  • holiday clubs for children

  • adult education and craft clubs


  • School students who:

  • may have severe anxiety in regard to aspects of school and its envrironment

  • may have ASC and difficuilties with processing information

  • may have social difficulties and needs

  • may have been bullied at school

  • need a therapeutically supportive and peaceful learning environment,

  • need more purposeful projects

  • need opportunities to explore creative and technical subjects

  • need a greater degree of independence and diversity of outcomes to those possible in school.

  • may have a sensory difficulty with learning in school environment

  • who may have SEMH or SEN issues and need to develop well-being



  • Home Educators who:

  • seek access to resources unavailable elsewhere or at home

  • seek a community of learning

  • seek group challenges and activities

  • seek formal awards for CREST and ARTS

  • seek GCSE support in functional skills



  • Adult Learners

  • who may have not experienced CAD CAM as a way of making things

  • may not ever thought they could make something using a computer

  • wish to try something new

  • seek social situations with common purpose

  • wish to start or add to the range of their cottage craft business


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